Frequently Asked Questions

What grade levels does Wings Learning Center serve?

Currently Wings Learning Center has three elementary classrooms, a middle school and two secondary classrooms. Our students start at age five in our elementary program and by fourteen they are transitioning into our secondary classrooms.

Where do students go after Wings Learning Center?

Students leave Wings Learning Center for several reasons. Some will return to the public school system as they gain the necessary skills to succeed in that environment.  Some will continue until age twenty two and we will work with the family and school district to connect them to adult opportunities (Post-Secondary Schools or Vocational Opportunities)

Does Wings Learning Center ever accept students mid-year or summer?

Wings Learning Center has open enrollment and is able to tour families and evaluate student placement all year round.  Actually placement depends on the number of openings.  Students do transition mid-year or at the end of a school year or summer session.

Does Wings Learning Center offer scholarships or financial aid?

At this time Wings Learning Center does not offer scholarships or financial aid but hopes to in the future.

Can Wings Learning Center take students in Foster Care?

Wings is able to admit students in foster care as long as they have a current IEP and districts are willing to contract for services.

Does Wings Learning Center provide residential care?

Wings Learning Center does not provide residential care at this time.

Does Wings Learning Center take students who do not have a diagnosis of Autism?

Wings Learning Center is able to take students with differing diagnoses if their school districts able to determine that Wings Learning Center is a program of benefit.  Wings does not enroll students who are physically challenged, blind or deaf.

How are students transported to Wings Learning Center?

Students placed privately are brought to school by their families or drivers contracted to work with the family.  Students placed by school districts are dropped off and picked up by school buses or alternate public school transportation.  Wings Learning Center does not currently provide transportation services.