Volunteering at our School

Wings Learning Center enjoys partnering with individuals who are available to donate their time and their talents as a volunteer:

CLASSROOM VOLUNTEER: Do you enjoy working with other students?At Wings, learn how to work with students with Autism by assisting teachers as classroom helpers with preparation of classroom materials, assist in ensuring students are safe during field trips, and helping with facilitating playground and social groups.

SPEECH/ OT THERAPY VOLUNTEER: This opportunity willinclude making materials, assisting with therapy sessions, and organizing the space to promote the overall therapeutic program.

CONNECT WITH THE COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER: Do you want to increase autism awareness, understanding, and acceptance? This is the project for you! WINGS seeks volunteers who are willing to go out in their community and distribute informational materials. Share them with neighbors, parent groups, first responders, schools, clinicians, and more.

EVENT SUPPORT VOLUNTEER: Interested in planning an event and raising money for a good cause? Under supervision of the Development Coordinator, create your own event.  You can also volunteer to help for Wings Prom or helping us set up for Wings Olympics.

SPECIAL PROJECTS VOLUNTEER: Help with maintenance, gardening, and making materials.

SERVING ON THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Wings seeks leaders to assist in strategic planning, outreach, fund development and acting as an ambassador to carry out our mission and vision. 

If you're interested in volunterring at our school, please fill out our Volunteer Application and contact Tin Callister, Development Associate at Callister@wingslearningcenter.org or 650-365-3250