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About Us


Our History

In 1997, Sherman Chan and Irma Velasquez formed a team to help their son, Aaron, diagnosed with autism. Recognizing the need for effective communication, the team explored various methods. Aaron progressed in expressing his needs, but it became evident that immersion in a social environment was crucial for developing social and communication skills. After discovering a gap in educational settings for children with autism in the San Francisco Bay Area, the team founded Wings Learning Center in September 2001. The center aimed to provide a supportive environment for individuals with autism to learn at their own pace and foster personal growth in academics and independent living skills.

Mission & Vision

WINGS envisions a world founded on acceptance, respect, and belonging, guided by values like trust and community engagement. For over two decades, WINGS, a California Department of Education-certified non-public school for ages 5-22, has supported individuals with autism and similar learning challenges. Currently expanding, WINGS aims to establish an adult program, continuing its commitment to lifelong, individual-centered learning and capacity building.

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