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Admissions Process


WINGS is a certified Non-Public school by the California State Department of Education, enabling us to extend educational and therapeutic services through contracts with school districts and private placements. We are committed to inclusivity, and WINGS welcomes individuals with similar learning challenges or disabilities.

To initiate the admissions process, parents and school systems can make referrals and educational packets are provided, including the student's IEP/ITP, evaluations, behavior plans, and progress reports. Visits to our program and discussions with the Program Director ensure an understanding of our methodologies. Whether through district referrals or private placements, a comprehensive evaluation period follows, allowing for adjustments to schedules if needed.

Upon agreement, contracts are signed, and during the initial 45-60 days, formal and informal assessments guide further planning. The collaborative process involves parent meetings to discuss findings and recommendations, leading to the finalization of goals, objectives, and supports through an IEP/ITP meeting.


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