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Adult Program
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According to Alex Acenas, parent of former WINGS student Justin, “WINGS was a godsend to Justin and our family. Now that he has aged out, we are looking into other adult day programs to ensure a seamless transition and continued personal growth. Justin constantly surprises us with his understanding and awareness. We hope WINGS can establish an adult day program, as we would love to remain part of this wonderful community.”

Introducing WINGS 4Life:

We are excited to announce WINGS 4Life, our new program for adults 22+ who have aged out of alternative school programs. Building on our successful school-age program, WINGS 4Life will offer a robust, individualized program for autistic adults.

Program Highlights:

  • Quality Independent Living Skills: A lifelong, person-centered learning process beyond age 22.

  • Comprehensive Support: Coordination with third-party providers for housing, healthcare, and transportation.

  • Community Integration: Opportunities for internships, volunteering, and supported employment.

  • Daily Living Assistance: Continuous teaching and support for behavior and communication skills.

Program Launch:

A pilot program will launch in Fall 2024. We have already hired an occupational therapist and are actively fundraising to hire more staff.

We welcome your questions, ideas, contacts, and feedback. Please let us know if you are interested and feel free to share this information with others.


A pilot program will take place in Fall 2024. Please let us know your feedback, ideas, and thoughts. Feel free to share with others.


Contact: Ken Toren, WINGS Executive Advisor

Learn More About WINGS 4LIFE!

2500 Cottonwood Drive
San Bruno, CA 94066

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